Website Membership Request

Due to the inordinate number of spammers and bots trying to gain access to this site, we have moved to a new way of requesting a membership on this website. It’s simple, email us:

  • Your Full Name (first and last)
  • Your OFATV club
  • Your ride
  • Your OFATV trail pass number for verification
  • Preferred username
  • An alternate username

We will verify your information and manually setup your account with the provided information. We will attempt to use your preferred username if available. If it has already been used then we will use your alternate username. If that has been used, then we will create a username using the first part of your email address.

For example:
email address:
created username will be: john.doe.123

Once your account setup has been completed, you will be emailed the details of your account with a link to update your password to something you prefer.

Send your email to the following email address:

Please add this email address to your “Safe Senders” list so that emails from the system get through. If you do not add it, you may find that emails from the club end up in your “Junk Folder”. If you don’t see an email from us, check your junk folder. Also, this system is managed by busy volunteers so please be patient, it may take a day or two before your registration is completed.