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      Christine Scharf

      Hi everyone. Is there a way to find out the technical rating for the trails in Calabogie? We want to get out exploring but don’t want to get onto a trail that is too difficult for us or the machine.

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      Steve Knobel

      The OFATV is working on a rating system that will be included as part of the QuadON map. I believe it’s supposed to roll out this fall.

      They will colour code each trail based on the trails’ features. It will not be based on driver skill level since that is subjective and changes from person to person.

      In the meantime, you can ride any trail and just turn around if you find it to be too difficult. In many cases there are only a couple difficult spots on the trail. Some however are very difficult from start to finish – these are in the Cragg Lake and Quinns areas.

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      Christine Scharf

      Thank you Steve. This is helpful

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