Trail from Tay Valley to Sharbot Lake

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      Raymond Lam

      The trail map use to show a direct trail from Tay Valley to Sharbot Lake. Now shows it ends at Silver Lake. It shows a Road (Armstrong Line) to get to Sharbot Lake. Does this mean that part of the trail is closed or no access?

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      Dave Baker

      Once you cross the border out of Lanark County and into Central Frontenac, you require an Eastern Ontario Trails Alliance permit for the last little piece of the Tay-Havelock Rail line that gets you directly into Sharbot Lake. QuadOn only shows routes/trails that your OFATV permit is accepted on. So your options are to take the road link as shown on the map, or to stay on the rail line for the last 2km into Sharbot Lake. I just hold my breath. Kind of like when we were kids and held our breath as we went past a haunted house, or didn’t step on a crack so we didn’t break our mother’s back. 😀 That last few km is haunted by the ghosts of the Eastern Ontario Trails Alliance. 😀

      So the short answer is the rail-line is still there, there’s no barricades or anything else that would bring your attention to the fact that you crossed an imaginary line, well other than the trail gets a lot rougher once you cross the imaginary line.

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      Raymond Lam

      Thanks for the info.
      I am new to ATVing.
      I just looked at the EOTA trail map. It covers the trail from Tay Valley to Sharbot Lake. And north to Calabogie where I want to go. It’s a little confusing since the reciprocal trail agreement no longer exists.
      So some trails are shared by OFATV and EOTA?

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      Dave Baker

      I will answer as diplomatically as I can muster. The Eastern Ontario Trails Alliance is really good at mapping other people’s trails. Yes they do have some trails of their own, but the lion’s share of their map right now are trails that do not belong to them, or they have no input or influence on. Examples being Northumberland District ATV Club (an OFATV club) is displayed on EOTA’s map. Renfrew County ATV Club (an OFATV club) has all of their trails displayed on EOTA’s map. An EOTA permit is not accepted on either of those trail systems, and that is a lot of trail displayed on the EOTA map that an EOTA permit is not valid on. And yes there are a couple of areas that are shared, such as the K&P that goes from Verona to Ompah (more or less), both permits are accepted there.

      And yes it is confusing, some of Renfrew County ATV Club’s trails are on Crown Land so technically you don’t need a permit to ride them, but Renfrew County ATV Club has paid agreements for the rail-lines and connector trails there, as well are the group that maintains and puts permit dollars into the crown land trails (as well as the rail-lines and other trails they have), so does it make any sense for EOTA that is based out of Tweed Ontario to be showing trails on their map for the Pembroke area? The powers that be at EOTA have never been on an ATV and ridden those trails, never even laid eyes on them….but they are on their map. It is misleading.

      But enough about the EOTA, as for the OFATV, the trails displayed on are submitted each year by the OFATV clubs (such as Ottawa Valley ATV Club), and they are reviewed and verified by a volunteer committee. The committee ensures that agreements are in place and GPS tracks are accurate, and that your OFATV membership is accepted there. Period. If it is on the OFATV map, it means your OFATV permit is accepted. 100%.

      Groups have been fighting to have their trails removed from the EOTA’s map for years with no success. The only remaining route would be to seek legal action. However, it is very difficult to negotiate the purchase of a used car from your neighbour, if you’re also suing them over a property line issue, if you know what I mean.

      And now I am rambling, so I’m not 100% sure if that answers your question or not.

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      Raymond Lam

      Thank you for fillimng me. It is quite the Rat’s Nest.
      So the 2 km to reach Sharbot Lake is ETOA trail. What is the fine for riding on it without their permit? I googled it and am getting different results.

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      Dave Baker

      The fine is trespassing, so $65 fine, but first you have to see a police officer that knows that an EOTA permit is required and not an OFATV permit, and what the difference is between the two.

      I’d just point to my OFATV permit and carry on. You’d probably be asked to leave the trail, and I would, straight ahead in Sharbot Lake. 😛

      Don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to drive up to Huron Shores ATV Club (one of EOTA’s only trail building clubs) and ride their trails without a permit; however, I won’t lose any sleep over 2km of municipally owned rail-line that is between my point A and point B that hasn’t had any work done to it in a dog’s age.

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      Raymond Lam

      Thank you for all your help.

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      Jon Wilson

      Dave, that’s a great response. I couldn’t have been that diplomatic if I tried.

      I was thru there last Sunday from Glen Tay to Sharbot Lake and south a bit past Tichborne. There’s a big open area right in Sharbot Lake where the K&P and the Tay-Havelock rail beds intersect. Just watch for cyclists particularly south of Sharbot Lake. Many of them seem oblivious to the fact that it is a shared use trail

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      Jason Wilkinson

      Sorry, I’m a little late to this party…

      What pass do you need to ride the K&P from Sharbot Lake towards Kaladar?

      Minutes ago, I was reading about the PowerPass. That appears to be run by EOTA, is that correct? Up until I read this thread, I was assuming that a PowerPass would cover everything on the map, but I guess this isn’t the case.

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        Jon Wilson

        Hi Jason,
        The party is always happening, the forum is here for us members. No apologies needed.

        I don’t know the answer to your specific question about west of Sharbot Lake but I’ll share this: Unfortunately the ATV community is attempting to work thru the same battles that the snowmobile community did when the OFSC was formed decades ago. We have the OFATVC which is our version of the OFSC. Unfortunately there are others (namely the EOTA) that think they have a better system and prefer to play with their own ball, in their own sandbox, by themselves and at the same time make things harder for everyone around, especially the individual rider that is trying to figure out what trail pass they need. I directly asked the EOTA for clarification on this (just as myself, not representing this club) and the EOTA did not answer. I’ve never heard of the PowerPass. OFATV has their pass and EOTA has the ‘OnePass’…unless they’ve come up with yet another way to confuse things.

        The QuadOn app and the associated maps are 100% OFATV pass required. The EOTA map on the other hand, shows more OFATV trails than EOTA (Renfrew, Ottawa Valley, Rideau Lakes, Coe Hill, Verona are all OFATV clubs but their map tries to claim these trails).

        With no clear line on their map (at their own doing) I have he OFATV pass and zero intention on getting the EOTA pass.

        That’s my take on it and I 100% support Dave’s comments above too.

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