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      Norm Voyer

      Not sure if this is the place to ask..if not please delete.

      Any suggestions for rides in the Calabogie area? I’ll be trailering from Ottawa. Looking for a place to park and ride. Not supper familiar with the trails in the Lanark / Calobogie area. Suggestions appreciated.

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      Hi Norm

      Yes, this is the right place to ask questions about anything and the key reason we created our new website with groups and forums.

      As for riding the Calabogie area, there are two staging areas you can ride from: Tatty Hill and Mountain Chute. From both you just head south west down the main forest access roads and there a tons of trails off of each. If you have a GPS with Backroads Maps loaded up, you’ll see all the trails around.

      Here are some Google Map links to each staging area:

      Tatty Hill (from Calabogie):
      From here, head south on Barry Lake Trail. You can take the road or head straight out on the trail which has a challenging hill right off.

      Mountain Chute (from Calabogie):
      From here, head south west on Hunt Camp Road which goes down past Dodge Lake and take any side trails you like – just follow the snowmobile trail signs. You can also head south on the road that follows the shore of Norcan Lake and get on the trail. Just note that the trail takes a right off the road shortly after you see a private lane way heading up to Skead Lake – follow the snowmobile trail signs. Taking this trail takes down into the Ompah area and goes near trails like the Quinns. Of course you can just stay on the main trails and avoid the rough trails if you’d like.

      Enjoy your ride!

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      Norm Voyer

      Thanks so much. This is great. I’ll be heading out early morning and probably leave from Calabogie (Faster staging area to get too). If anyone else is interested let me know.

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      Jon Wilson

      There’s a good chance I’ll be leading a run next Saturday (Oct 26) out of Ompah running our big main loop if you want to come out next weekend also

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      Norm Voyer

      Ah..shoot that would have been good but I’m out of town. Appreciate the invite. Keep me posted on any other rides.

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