Parking Taffy Hill Road

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      Norm Voyer

      Looking to leave from the parking at Taffy Hill road tomorrow. What is the parking like there? Is it a clearing or on side of road. Any other options for parking. I’m coming from Ottawa. Thanks in advance.

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      Dave Baker

      The parking lot at Tatty Hill is like most country parking lots. Grassy areas on either side of the trail/road large enough for trucks and trailers to park. You know you’re at the right spot when you can see the “danger” signs for the damn. Do not block access to the trails, and try to park in a manner that makes sense (so as to not use up more spots than necessary).

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      Norm Voyer

      Hey Dave, yeah went there yesterday. It was jambed pack but managed to find a spot. I don’t think my back will ever be the same riding those trails! LOL. Was fun though.

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      Jason Wilkinson

      Norm, I’m not how much of the other parking options you’re aware of, here are some others:
      Glen Tay
      Lavant Station
      Arcol Road
      Sharbot Lake
      Mountain Chute
      and, Tatty Hill.

      I haven’t used all of these, so I can’t speak to their condition or size, but it’s a few options for you.

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