The COVID-19 Pandemic is still of great concern so please adhere to all municipal, provincial and federal guidelines and requirements regarding social distancing and closed areas. We know it’s very tempting to get out there and hit the trails, however it would be better to follow Health Canada’s guidelines and stay home until Health Canada indicates otherwise. If you must get out on the trails, for everyone’s sake, stay away from anyone who does not live in your home. This is no joke, you or the person you come across could be asymptomatic and can very easily spread this deadly virus. This may not be a personal danger to you but it can be of grave danger to someone else.

The Ottawa Valley Recreation Trail and Glen Tay Rail Trail are currently open in Lanark County. The K&P Rail Trail is open north of Snow Road Station to Tatty Hill. Please see other club trail status information for other sections of the rail trails.

Note: The OVRT will close to ATV and SXS traffic as of December 1st, 2020.

The remainder of the OVATVC trails are open but please stay off of trails that are too wet for travel.

As always, please respect all private landowners and stay on the trail. Stay off of private land that does not allow OFATV permit holder access. If you don’t know… don’t go!