Club Meeting March 9, 2020 Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order at 7:01 pm

Attendance Per sign in sheet full house

Guests: Denise and Gord Erikson (OFATV), Dave Baker (OFATV), Fred Fowler (Councillor North Frontenac), Lanark County Warden Brian Campbell, Brian Stewart (Trails Committee Lanark County), Lorne Hudson(Trail Advocate)


  • Membership Report
  • Financial Report
  • Provincial news
  • Club Business

Motion to accept agenda by Steve Knobel. Second by Doug Moffat

Membership report

445 members, 657 annual permits sold to date, 674 permits of all kinds sold

  • Discussion and questions on permit riding areas and pass breakdown

Financial Report

Current detailed financial report was presented and discussed

Current reserves $50995.60

Provincial News

EOTA reciprocation

Still no agreement. OFATV is talking to Hastings County directly about a MOU to ride Hastings County Trails. Loyalty discount would have to be dropped. Debate at OFATV AGM. Not sure about Eastern Ontario. Update by chair as well as Denise E and Dave B from OFATV.

Quebec/ New Brunswick reciprocation

Looks like this is a go. Top up is $100

OFATV AGM is June 12-14

Nation Valley is hosting

OFATV is doing Quinte West show (Mar 13-15) and Toronto Sportsman Show (Mar 18) Update: Cancelled

Club News/Business was presented

April 18 Ice Breaker Club Ride Update: postponed

May 2 Ompah Spring Ride Update: cancelled

– Gravel Cup series has asked for logistical help again

– May 2, May 23, June 13, Sept 19

– Bytown Motorcycle Assoc wants to identify and sign emergency extraction points in the Calabogie and NF areas. Club input/assistance requested from BMA. Information to be shared MNR and Emergency Services.

– Lanark County reps have a big ask for funding to do some resurfacing to the Glen Tay Trail. Last year the Club spent approx $8000 on County Trails. Brian Campbell and Brian Stewart spoke to the attendees with info on the project and what Lanark County wants to do. The ask is large ($40,000) but can but spread out over a period of two years provided Club meets its targets for membership and revenue. After much discussion the mood in the room was very positive on making a commitment. Final discussion and decision deferred as two members of the Club Exec were absent. Update: Club Executive held a meeting via Uber Conference March 21, 2020. All Exec members were present and passed the motion to approve the expenditure.

North Frontenac

Discussed the on and off discussion on an MOU to NF to formally recognize OFATV Pass. This topic was placed after Lanark discussion so Mr. Fowler could see economic potential.

Mr. Fowler reported NF Council had recently decided they did not want to sign another MOU with other parties at that time. The Club expressed disappointment that despite repeated requests, we were not given the opportunity to present to council. Presentation instead was given by Corey Klatt (Econ Dev Mgr NF). Info: Dec 13, 2019 NF council meeting minutes available

Mr Fowler kept notes throughout the meeting and will report back to council.

Current pass situation appears to be status quo at least as far as the Ompah rides go.


Attendees were reminded that membership loyalty discount was still in effect

Meeting adjourned 9:10 pm