Trail Permit/Membership Information

  • The Ottawa Valley ATV Club (OVATVC) is a member club of the Ontario Federation of All Terrain Vehicle Clubs (OFATV)
  • Purchasing an OFATV Provincial Trail Permit makes you a member of the OFATV. Selecting the Ottawa Valley ATV Club when you purchase your provincial trail permit makes you a member of the Ottawa Valley ATV Club. See below for OFATV Provincial Trail Permit information
  • A Provincial Trail Permit which includes your club membership is required for each ATV or SxS
  • Membership with the OVATVC entitles the member to vote at all OVATVC meetings. Everyone, member or not, is welcome to attend all OVATVC meetings.
  • Two volunteer club members from each club are selected each year by their respective club to attend and represent their club at the OFATV Annual General Meeting (AGM) held each summer. You must hold a valid club membership at the time of the AGM to qualify.
  • All club members are entitled to run for a club executive position which are voted on each year at the club’s Annual General Meeting. All club executives must be a valid club member of the OVATVC.
  • The OFATV Trail Permit allows club members to ride on all other OFATV Club trails, so don’t hesitate to check out the OFATV website for the location of these other clubs and give them a try – See below for a list of OFATV Clubs.
  • Memberships are good for one year from the date of purchase.
  • We encourage you to join the club in the area that you intend to ride – see below for a list of OFATV Clubs. Buy where you Ride!


Provincial Trail Permit

  • The provincial trail permit is the Ontario Federation of ATV Clubs Trail Permit.
  • The provincial trail permit is valid on all Ontario Federation of ATV Club trails.
  • Provincial Trail Permits/Memberships can be purchased online from the OFATV website


Trail Permit Stickers

  • The “OFATV Trail Permit” sticker must be on your ATV in a clearly visible location. Its best to put it on the front half of your ATV near the steering, again in a clearly visible location
  • The OVATVC sticker identifies you as a club member. This is NOT a trail permit. This sticker should be placed in a clearly visible location on your ATV.
  • It is more important that the Provincial Trail Permit sticker be clearly visible before the OVATVC sticker so if you only have one good spot, put the Trail Permit sticker there and find another location for the OVATVC sticker (on your bumper works).

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