Trail Area Information


Trail Location

Our riding area is nestled in the beautiful Madawaska Highlands of Eastern Ontario. It encompasses a very large area of rugged terrain with hundreds of kilometers of trails to be enjoyed by all.

The trails range in difficulty from very easy to very difficult. We ride abandoned railways and forest access roads which are on the easier side of things. We also ride deep bush trails like “The Quinns” and “Cragg Lake” that are deemed very advanced and difficult. Of course there is an abundance of trails in between as well. In all, there is a wide variety of trail types to suit all riders.

Many of the trails in the area are on Crown Land and accessible to everyone but many of the trails are on or cross private property and require trail passes to access. Included in these are the North Frontenac forest access roads. North Frontenac access road permits are required to use these access roads. These permits can be bought directly from North Frontenac.

Since the Ottawa Valley ATV Club is a member club of the OFATV, you will also enjoy access to all trails of all OFATV clubs.

Area Amenities

The Madawaska Highlands are in a fairly remote area of Ontario, as such there are few amenities close by the trail system. That said, there are some including motels, lodges, restaurants, fuel stops and even some campgrounds. These all tend to be in the towns in the area or on the major highways.

The trail system is quite expansive so there may be long distances between fuel stops and food. So, when travelling the trail system be prepared. Bring food and water with you as well as extra fuel.