The flood waters have subsided to a point where the trails are now passable. Please exercise caution when going through a water crossing. Check it before you drive through to ensure it’s safe. The trails are still wet and soft so please stay on the main trails until things dry up a bit more. Drive slowly! There are still washouts along the trails which will sneak up on you, specially at dusk or in the dark. Be careful out there! Wear and properly secure your DOT approved helmet – they save lives. Always carry your ATV or SxS’s insurance and ownership paperwork. And remember that a minimum of a G2 or M2 driver’s license is required to operate your ATV or SxS on Ontario’s roads. Thank your club volunteers who have been busy clearing the trails these past few weeks. They have cleared many large and small trees that have fallen across the trails over the winter months. Watch our Facebook page for the next Trail Maintenance ride and get out and help. Please respect private land owners. Not all trails in the area are on crown land so stay off of private property. – know before you go! OVATVC