Trail Map

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The Ottawa Valley ATV Club does not assume any responsibility in the use of these trail files and map. Use of these trail files and map is at your own risk. The trails shown may traverse private property and it is your responsibility to ensure that you do not trespass on private land. The trails shown may also be beyond your capabilities or may no longer be passable or safe so make sure that you check them out before you use them. Some trails shown are on public roadways where you are subject to Ontario Traffic Act laws. Know before you go!

OVATVC Trails GPX File

Detailed Trail Map PDF    (Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)

OVATVC Trails Image File (For use with newer model Garmin GPS units only)
This image file must be copied to your “garmin” folder on your Garmin mapping GPS unit. This will not work on older model mapping GPS units but should work with newer models. Once copied you may have to enable the map on your GPS.