Provincial Trail Permit

  • The trail permit is the Eastern Ontario Trail Alliance/Ontario Federation of ATV Clubs “Provincial Trail Permit”.
  • The trail permit is valid on all Eastern Ontario Trail Alliance and Ontario Federation of ATV Club trails.
  • The trail permit also allows ATV access to the North Frontenac Crown Roads. This is required from April 1st through to November 15th.
  • The trail permit also allows for parking of your truck and trailer on North Frontenac Crown Roads. Please put a photocopy of your trail permit wallet card on the dash of your vehicle, you must carry the original with you.
  • The trail permit does NOT allow for camping at North Frontenac campsites. A separate North Frontenac camping permit is required for this and is available through the North Frontenac Parklands website:

Trail Permit Stickers

  • The “Provincial Trail Permit” sticker must be on your ATV in a clearly visible location. Its best to put it on the front half of your ATV near the steering, again in a clearly visible location
  • The OVATVC sticker identifies you as a club member. This is NOT a trail permit. This sticker should be placed in a clearly visible location on your ATV.
  • It is more important that the Provincial Trail Permit sticker be clearly visible before the OVATVC sticker so if you only have one good spot, put the Provincial Trail Permit sticker there and find another location for the OVATVC sticker (on your bumper works).

 Permit Costs

For details on permit costs, please visit our Membership Information page