Hello Everyone,

Returned from vacation and figured it was a good time for an update on Club happenings. Even on vacation I must have responded to 100 emails, BBM’s and texts last week so it’s always busy behind the scenes.

First off, we have had a busy year ride wise. In addition to the published ride schedule we have had a bunch of┬áimpromptu “just wanna ride”rides. thrown in for good measure. We even had one weekend with multiple rides depending on what you wanted to partake in. Combined with the other Clubs in District 1 there is something going on almost every weekend. Upcoming is a ride on our friends at Thousand Island ATV Club District 1 Ride on Aug 15th and a Nation Valley ATV ┬áride on the 16th. If you haven’t sampled their trail systems before I highly recommend you give them a go. Check their websites and Facebook pages for details. On the Club side we are doing a day/night ride(s) from Mountain Chute on August 29th which should prove to be interesting.

The other news is after a few meetings with Lanark County Municipal Trails Corporation it looks like we will be working together on their trails. We did a great presentation for them in May as they looked for key partners to help them. They are looking at taking over management of the K&P Trail also. This has been part of our overall strategy of seeking alliances with key partners for the betterment of the trails, the users and the surrounding communities that the trails connect to. I will update the Club as this develops. The Club and Lanark County have also secured close to $21,000 in National Trails Coalition funding so expect to see some major improvements on the Glen Tay trail including a dedicated parking lot east of Omya. Combined with previous secured funding the partners will be investing close to $100,000 in the trails by the end of 2015. The total investment in District 1 will be close to $300,000. It’s something that, as volunteers, we can be very proud of.

We are also in talks with some key people in North Frontenac who have sent our feedback up to their council and mayor. We are hoping to birth a chapter Club in that area to better look after their local trails. North Frontenac is also looking to develop and promote their trails and other assets to attract recreational tourism (and the spending that goes along with it). We have been invited to speak at their Economic Development Task Force meeting later in August. Me and my big mouth. Oh well it’s all good and we are doing what we should be doing.

That’s it for now. Keep the rubber side down and thanks for the support.


Tom Milc