Now that we’ll be moving the forums onto the club website, in order to post comments or topics in the forums you are required  to log into the website first. To maintain security on the website, having a good strong password for your account is necessary. But….. how can you remember a big long complicated password? We’ll its easier than you think….

Using a complicated machine generated password with a bunch of unrelated special characters that has no meaning to you or anyone else is NOT the best thing to do. Sure its hard for a person to figure out your complicated password but its almost impossible to remember them and its easy for hacking software to figure it out, all it takes is some time for a computer to try the various combinations before it gains access. So…. don’t do this!

What makes a good password these days is a very long password with lots of characters in it. It doesn’t matter what the characters are and they don’t have to be special characters, capitals or underlines (they can be if you want), the password just has to be long, the longer the better. So you ask, well how am I to remember a long password? Easy, use several unrelated words in your password. Words are way easier for us to remember, complicated machine generated passwords aren’t.

Password examples:

This is a poor password:    &b4gE3!
(its too short and hard to remember)

This password is super secure:   *^Gt46#edhj&97!db_7-ghjtf5@xna9472)^!!
(yah right! Good luck remembering this bad boy or typing it in without making a mistake… doh!)

This is a strong password:   minionHopekeyfredWave
(minion, Hope, key, fred and Wave merged together…. easy)

So when you login to the club website or are registering for the first time, please take some time to go to your profile page and change your password to a strong, easy to remember password. Please don’t use the examples above, pick your own words to put together to create your own strong password – words that mean something to you but don’t use any common phrases. By all means, write it down and keep it somewhere safe at home so if you do forget it, you still have it.

Happy Posting!
OVATVC Site Administrator